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Nobody answered when I called on the phone today.

Nobody answered the phone when I called both this morning and later on this evening. It's Mother's Day and the phone rang at my older brother's house. He let the answering machine take my message after the 20th ring.

That bothers me. I have heard a lot of emergency vehicles going down the street today. There were two major accidents this morning while we went out for some Mother's Day items at Tom Thumb and Kroger.

So I guess there is a setting that tells the answering machine to activate the outgoing automatic message after 20 or more rings. I think there is a reason for this. You see. I know from experience that no answering machine lets the phone ring over 4 or 5 times before activating the outgoing automatic message so with this in mind, it is probable but not certain that whoever at that house was aware of the phone ringing, just didn't want to bother picking up the phone, reached over to the answering machine to turn the machine to Answer. There is a setting that turns the answering machine to the off position so that way the phone will ring forever. The answering machine either answers the phone automatically after 2 or more rings or it is turned off and lets the phone ring until the caller hangs up.

That is why I am angry. I left a message this evening to the effect that, "If you don't want to answer me, then don't bother. But then don't bother calling me back any time soon either. By the way, Have a good day big brother."

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