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Kroger at Wynnewood in Dallas is okay but it could do better.

So today I had to sign back in to Persona Paper and now I write.

Kroger at Wynnewood in Dallas is okay but it could do better.

The problem with the front end of the store is that it has a double entry into a narrow lobby that is not properly alligned with the doors that enter the store front, where it bottle necks the customers into one single doorway that forces people to walk around everybody else and stand and wait for slow pokes.

If the front entrance was symmetrical and went along the length of the store at least half way, there could be two double entry doors so people going into the store could go through the first two doors where the shopping carts would be located centrally against the front wall facing the parking lot. Then there would be side entrances on both ends where the carts could be placed inside the lobby and people could come and go without having to dodge shopping carts being pushed into the store's lobby in large numbers possibly leading to personal injury to the customers.

Amigos motorized ride around shopping carts for the handicapped and elderly have been used at this store with some degree of success but there is a problem with stolen carts of this nature. Target had 4 of their ride around electric shopping carts taken off the lot and they never got them returned and had to buy 4 new ones. This time the customer absolutely must give up their driver's license to the customer service center for the duration of their use in the store and after shopping return to get their driver's license back. This is a new rule at Target to keep these Amigo's carts from being constantly stolen.

So if Kroger at Wynnewood Shopping Center was to implement this act of mandatory ID at the customer service counter by users of these electrical carts this would decrease or possibly totally eliminate the theft of carts by those who's intention is criminal to begin with.

The next issue I have with the store is the parking lot itself. It is in bad need of resurfacing. The coarse surface of the entire parking lot at Kroger at Wynnewood, in Dallas, Texas, is such that it damages the regular shopping carts that are taken out by the customer to their vehicles to unload their purchases.

The frequency of damage is such that carts are always being taken away to get repairs or have their wheels replaced due to the rough and damaged surface area of the parking lot at Kroger at Wynnewood Shopping Village in Dallas, TX.

Next you might notice that many stores are using those locking wheel shopping carts that if taken beyond the accepted limits of the parking lot to that store there is a system that electronically senses the cart has gone out of bounds and immediately locks the wheel of the cart, preventing further movement. This is a preventive measure to keep carts in the general parking lot area so they can be returned to the store for the store's customers to use.

But there is a problem with this and that is the fact that due to large numbers of customers frequenting this store, there is not enough parking space immediately in front of the store at all times and thus, and because Kroger is aligned next to a Dollar Mart store, people like to park farther away where there is a space available and often times like to shop both at the Dollar Tree and just walk over to the Kroger store next door. This is all good but for one problem. The yellow line that marks the point where the electronic locking system stops carts that go beyond this line is right at the point that leads to the entrance of the Dollar Tree and when a cart locks up it can not be easily moved until a Kroger employee implements an electronic device that is designed to unlock the wheel that prevents theft of it and if these disabled or locked shopping carts remain beyond this yellow line at the edge of the Kroger parking area, there will be usually several dozen of them blocking the sidewalks and even taking up parking spots where people have to go looking elsewhere to park thus making it hard for the customer and both the Dollar Tree store and Kroger sore might very likely lose some customers.

The solution is to remove this barrier at the point it is at the moment and extend the perimeter of the security line to the very end of the lot where it is often that customers will be using to shop at all the local stores along this strip. The fact is, it is more time consuming to have a store associate go out, unlock and return locked carts than it is to deal with a few carts that are just as far away from the main store in the lot that are fully functional and can thus be easily walked back to the store.

The final thing I want to add here is ... Kroger is a great place to shop but improvements will make it even greater than ever!

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MegL wrote on May 7, 2016, 3:21 AM

Those are useful suggestions and should be made available to the management. Hearing about the bottleneck at the front door greatly worries me from the safety point. What if there were a fire? People could be trapped and trampled in any panic.

lookatdesktop wrote on May 7, 2016, 11:02 AM

Yes, this is a very important point and I have given it a lot of thought.