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I love my garden ... Something new about growing peach trees in the back yard

If I could I would place this article in a new category called: Backyard Gardening.

I watched a 30 minute long YouTube How-To video about planting fruit trees in the back yard that was called orchard gardening or some such term.

It was interesting to find that you can cut back the higher limbs on a peach tree to keep the branches lower and to make them grow more branches that are fruit bearing and not too high to reach from standing on the ground.

They call this pruning.

The idea is if you plant a variety of peaches, that bloom in different weeks or months from one another, you can harvest the fruit from different trees across a longer stretch of time instead of having all peach trees the same and only being able to harvest the ripe fruit once. That way you can get more peaches over time and by pruning you can get more peaches from every tree.

They say that the space between peach trees in the back yard doesn't have to be all that far and that if you can comfortably walk around and in between each tree you can have many trees in one area and have a successful back yard peach orchard just for you and your family.

I planted only two peach trees but one year it got pretty bad. The ice storm killed one tree and killed most of the branches on the other. I had one Alberta and one Georgia peach. The first year of harvest took place after one year of planting and before the ice storm and before the squirrels found out about these peaches, I was able to get over 100 peaches from the two trees.

My main problem has always been that the weather is too harsh and the birds and the squirrels are always destroying things.

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MegL wrote on April 29, 2016, 4:31 PM

Yes, the birds get their share of the apples from our backyard too.