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Two Parties, Two Possible Futures for the USA

We are nearing the final stretch of the elections between not just a few running for a party but between two parties of which, only one will win out over the other and two possible futures for the USA

If Hillary gets in, it will be more of the same, so people say.

If Trump gets in, it will be a whole new ball game!

BUT IS THIS A 'MAKE IT OR BREAK IT' election year? many think this is the case. Some think it's more of a case of 'DAMNED IF I DO, DAMNED IF I DON'T' you be the judge. It's not all that simple.

Trump is moving forward with more momentum and it seems like he is likely to be the winner for the Republican party, according to statistical analysis from the many news feeds.

On the Democratic party side, it looks as if Hillary Clinton will probably eventually win for her party.

There are two directions America will take. It all depends on which one of these two eventually land the seat at the White House.

But there is one thing Donald said that makes me think about things in regard to the actual count, that the system is messed up and the vote, the popular or majority vote, the total number of actual individual votes by each person in the United States of America should be what determines who actually gets to be the President of these United States of America.

If I was in a meeting at City Hall and we were asked for a show of hands to show favor or disfavor of a proposal and the majority of hands that were raised were from those who were opposed to a proposal, then that should in and of itself, determine the outcome, the final decision made against a certain proposal.

Majority vote is as simple as yey or ney, yes or no. If the majority of people, simply the number of people who voted for a presidential candidate is in favor of electing Donald Trump, this should be the single and absolute determining factor in Donald Trump becoming the next President of the United States, not by anything else.

The same should go for all elected officials.

When I vote I want to know that my vote counts and that if 90 percent of the voters like myself have voted for the exact same candidate it is mathematically logical to count these 90 percent in favor of that candidate. Anything less than this form of determination would be as Spock would put it, "Quite Illogical"

If my vote does not really matter then why do I even bother voting? Think about this. Vote or no vote, you have to ask yourself, is my vote, my specific vote, count?

I was once in a jury of 12 and every single juror's vote for either innocent or guilty, counted. Some thought the defendant guilty, others, because of lack of substantial evidence to the case voted innocent. The jury was hung. They could not get a majority vote because there were people who saw things differently about the case, although the fundamental facts were forthcoming.

Think about that a while. Making a choice about who should run America is no simple one. Indeed it is one of the most complex choices we can make at this time. It could make a difference between America's future prosperity or quite the opposite. Some of us are undecided. This is where people need to be if they are uncertain of which candidate to vote for. The undecided voter is the one who might tip the scales and throw the election into another direction, different than expected but it should only be done by a count, a show of hands, the exact number of voters in favor of a specific candidate to lead our country into a better future than the one we have now.

Before you vote, ask yourself, which candidate would I want to sit down to dinner with in my home? There are good reasons for choosing one candidate in favor of anther. The fundamentals of good citizenship, fair mindedness, respect for others, modesty, ambition, knowledge and experience in world affairs. Family values. Pride in America. Hard working, and a true leader of men. Do you see leadership qualities in all of the current candidates? If this trait is not seen in them then they should be the ones you will first dismiss before looking forward to finding someone who is running for president who is able to actually lead rather than force men into action.

Leadership is done best when setting an example for others to follow. Would you want to be like Candidate A? or Candidate B? or Candidate C? and so on ... If you can relate to the candidate, feel like he or she can lead the nation into a better tomorrow, then perhaps this is a good start.

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MegL wrote on April 26, 2016, 2:14 PM

I saw a cartoon recently about electors. The electors were split into two camps. One camp, the smaller, voted a particular candidate into power. The other camp, much larger, all said, "I don't bother voting. My vote won't make any difference!"

lookatdesktop wrote on April 26, 2016, 3:47 PM

That is a good point to make. Political satire aside, I only can hope we have better choices in 4 more years.

bleekley wrote on April 27, 2016, 10:55 AM

Good points well expressed. To put into practice the principle of one citizen, one vote, the Constitution would have to be amended to get rid of the Electoral College and make the President elected by popular vote. Google on: electoral college pros cons.

lookatdesktop wrote on April 27, 2016, 3:06 PM

I need to do this to understand it's merits or as you put it, the pros and cons of it.