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My Perfect House

I wrote a little about what my favourite house would have a couple of weeks ago, to include a safe totally visible garden and a utility room and following &lookatdestop 's comments, realised I would also like my own gym.

The Gym

I have had various machines in this house or the garage at times, including a weights machine, a running machine and an exercise bike and access to a rowing machine and free weights. I still have my step for step aerobics, though the dolls' house is resting on it at the moment emoticon :grin: and has been for some time! The free weights are still around, though probably not the bar for holding them. The dumbbells are still here, so no excuse there!

The running machine had to be put in the garage as it was too big to carry upstairs. I used it out there but then motorbikes started to need more space and it got stuff dumped on it, so it had to go. emoticon :sad: I definitely would like a dedicated gym room with space for aerobic activities and machines that I could move between. If I had the money, I would have a personal trainer come in 4 or 5 times a week. That would be real luxury but that's not likely to happen!

I would also like my own craft room and study. Well, actually, I have that at the minute, just don't have the time!:-D We also have a study or maybe a man cave for my husband. It's devoted to music and a few books. Mine has lots of books and a little music on the computer! Totally different tastes. emoticon :grin: He would be highly unlikely to enter my gym, but he is a lot fitter than me and would out do me at any physical exercise I might try - or die in the attempt!!!! He is one of those people who is naturally fit.

Would you like your own gym?

If you had your choice and the money, would you like your own gym in your house?

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