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TED 2 ... go to the zoo.

Sure, every body knows stuffed teddy bears don't curse!

But the movies have to do this to make a point, which was said at the first that Nobody Cares!

Does America like talking teddies? I don't. I would have shut that thing up in a heartbeat but he doesn't have a heart, only cotton stuffing, although he smokes like a superstar!

Enough about Ted 2.

I watched some of it with company. If America is like that, I guess the men at the top of the movie industry don't care if they tear a big hole in our sense of polite society to the point you could run a mac truck right through it, so to speak.

When I watched Sherman and Mr. Peabody it was fun and Felix the Cat was terrific. These cartoons were safe for kids to enjoy without the risk of having child protective services do an investigation of things when the kids went to school to repeat such catch words they heard from old school days of cartoons when I was just a kid, such as neeto, groovy, and on the flip side, such words as punk or hot headed or trouble maker as in the case of shows similar to Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best.

Well, it's not the 60's any more and kids watch these cartoons and in my opinion these types of shows are just a way to turn us all into people who just don't care what they say, we will watch it any way. And don't you try to tell me what my children can watch on t.v!

Oh well, thank God I lived in the saner days and realize there is a real difference in stuff we call entertainment today and what actually was entertainment before all this crazyness got started, sometime between 1960 to 1986 when R stood once for restricted to adult viewing only to PG13, parental guidance required or something like that. Now, I think the rating system has been tampered with but by whom? I can only guess whom. Hmm.

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MegL wrote on April 16, 2016, 1:53 AM

We have got rid of our TV because of the rubbish. We used to get sales people phoning about a satellite package and you could hear their jaws hit the floor when I told them I didn't have terrestrial TV and had no intention of moving off planet to acquire MORE rubbish I didn't want to watch.