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I went out back to do some sweeping.

I was in the yard sweeping the front porch and went out back to remove that old torn up office chair when there I saw a terrible sight.

Leaves were all piled up in every corner of the back patio, which is actually just the foundation of our former existent garage we tore down after the City Of Dallas gave us WARNING!

Now all that stands there is a metal tough shed we bought at Home Depot and a half wall of 8x8x16 hollow concrete blocks, some old empty plant boxes and a few lawn statues, St. Francis of Assisi, some baby angels that need painting and have detached from their cement foundations to keep the wind from blowing them over and there were LEAVES all over the place! I had to move everything except the wall thank goodness.

After the sweeping I wondered what to do next and all of a sudden my nasal problem started up again. I began to sneeze. I had to return to the house after all that sweeping without a face mask to protect my lungs from dust.

I have allergic rhinitis or you could call it Allergic Rhinoceros. I guess this is why I get horse sometimes, HOARSE that is, and once it was so bad I was unable to talk for over one month, much to the delight of all concerned, lol.

I have taken Claritin this morning but that was only after a 30 minute bout of post nasal drip!

I need only buy more 3M face masks next time I go do the yard work and perhaps replace the lawn with cement to match the decor of the city.

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MegL wrote on April 16, 2016, 1:48 AM

Don't replace the lawn with concrete, please. Concrete gardens contribute to more and faster rain run off, flooding roads, requiring larger drains. More green space would alleviate fast run off.