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Expecting A Post From elitecodex.

elitecodex had promised that members here will be paid till the money received is gone.Some persons have been paid.

What about the rest?If the money is finished and no more payments will be paid,a post should have been put up,so that we can remove our articles from here.

I hope elitecodex does come up with a post enlightening us.

I saw a post by a member who had more than $18 not being paid.I think people with lesser amount have been paid.

As the site does not show any signs of reviving,let us know about the final situation.

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MegL wrote on April 3, 2016, 7:04 AM

I think elitecodex is creating a way to zip people's articles so they can download them in one go. There is a Facebook page for PP. Have you tried asking there?

bestwriter wrote on April 4, 2016, 12:20 AM

10 have viewed but no comments received. They will pay I think.