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Is Katt Williams on Coke

Now you may be thinking that's rude for me to instantly assume Kat Williams is on Coke or crack however crack Williams seems to have been going ham recently turning FIFA into a street fight , taunting other comedians with better career runs and just plan out acting a fool ! Now you may be thinking I'm a katt Williams hater wrong I watch all of his specials and think he is one of best comedians I watched growing up ! This is why all this negative press is killing me I want to see Kat Williams succeed not self destruct Kat smoke weed and avoid the drugs that got you going crazy slapping middle schoolers ! I mean there is a fine line between someone being targeted and themselves making them a easy target ! However this is why I love katt Williams is because he was honest enough to bring up the incident during a show and explain his side ! However either way he shouldn't have slapped the kid it was a bad move for reputation and he needs focus on stand up til he can shake off his tarnished name regardless I wish katt Williams the best !

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MegL wrote on April 3, 2016, 7:54 AM

Sometimes people do silly things that make you wonder, "What on earth"?