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Meet the Funky Knuckles, a local Dallas, Jazz group.

I was in a local Walmart and started discussing dirt with a fellow Oak Cliff gardener and I mentioned I was a trumpet player and he returned with the fact that he had a family of musicians and had a house full of guitars. He asked, "Do you know the group, "Funky Knuckles?" I did not have a clue.

Well, I later got online and went to YouTube and typed their name in and found this link. Hope you enjoy it. They are jazzy and a lot like The Pat Metheny Group.

You will like them if jazz is one of your musical preferences:

The Funky Knuckles - 1hr. LIVE Set @ Bear Creek Music Festival - 11/13/2014

Dallas has always been a place for artistic and musical talent to say the least of great restaurants and fancy cars and crowded shopping centers. Yea. There are many cultures in the metro area of Dallas-Ft. Worth. Just come over and check out Deep Ellum, or in Oak CLiff's Bishop Art's District. Go to Norma's Cafe on Davis street and enjoy home cooking at it's best, nosiest and most crowded in the country.
Meet the Funky Knuckles at their official website.
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MegL wrote on March 31, 2016, 1:24 PM

That's a great name for a group but makes me think they might have been quite wild!

lookatdesktop wrote on March 31, 2016, 5:24 PM

Until you listen to this group and realize they are modern jazz.