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Predator At The Library - part two

Part Two: Another case of suspicious behavior

Mark Wyler, a police officer at the southwest precinct got a call from the local library of a suspicious male standing out in front of the entrance as if waiting for a ride, only he had been standing there for over 3 hours. This came to the attention of James Duncan, the security officer for the Central Library. The officer got into his cruiser and headed south on Center Road a few miles to the West End branch Public Library which was a 3 story public library that had a middle school connected to it and provided access to the library's computers for the general public as well as the students of Conolly Junior High School.

The suspect, a black male, about 24 years old, wearing White shorts, Red T-shirt and black baseball cap with the symbol of a Red heart on it. He was standing outside the entrance of the library at about 50 minutes before closing time for the library and the school. In a few minutes several hundred students would flood through the exits to the parking lots to go home and the suspect hoped he would be able to convince at least one of them to take a ride with him. This would not be a good thing to happen. Bob Allen would be there ahead of him. He was just seconds away from the library and middle school. Mark Wyler was doing 50 and would be there in just a few more minutes.

The suspect seemed a bit strange. He would pace back and forth and look around each side of the building as if searching for a missing pet. The students at Conolly Middle School were finishing their assignments and had their books and back packs ready and were counting the minutes for the bell to ring. They were off for the weekend and many of them had tickets to the soccer game at Sander's Gate Community Center. The Red Team was playing the White Team from Mark Wilkins High School. Ben's older brother was on the Red Team, the Red Jays and Dan's older brother was playing the White Team, the White Eagles.

As Ben and Dan were good friends. They heard the bell finally and were headed out towards the hall that separated the main entryway and the library entrance. They stopped to get a drink at the water fountain and were making plans with their girl friends to meet them at Sander's Gate. As they walked out the main lobby to the parking lot, Dan looked over and saw the man standing and apparently talking on his blue tooth phone. Or was he talking to himself?

"Hey Ben", Dan said, as he looked back toward his friend while they continued forward to the outer edge of the parking lot to the street where they would catch a bus back home to get ready for the game at about 8 PM. "That guy is acting kind of funny. He must be high on something." They were both aware of two police cars pulling into the lot. Both policemen exited their vehicles and slowly approached the man. Bob Allen, the first officer, asked the man for some identification but the man became agitated and refused to cooperate. Mark Wyler, the second officer, walked around the man and told him to turn and face the wall. The man began to wave his hands and act hysterically.

They had both managed to get him on the ground and handcuff him. They walked him to the police car and the man got inside. Both officers talked to each other for a moment, and by that time a third squad car arrived. Dan and his friend Ben had to rush to the bus stop. The didn't want to miss their ride. The situation turned out to be nothing more than a homeless person who has on medications and had a psychiatric condition. He had wondered off from the senior citizen center a mile down the street and thought his mother was going to come and pick him up.

The man was taken to the hospital for evaluation and finally released to the home under the supervision of Weston Faulkner who had placed a call to the police to help find him as he had been missing for 5 days and had been living in the park. Strange a homeless person could go 5 days without food or water with a serious mental condition and be completely invisible to people as they walked or jogged by.

end of part two.

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MegL wrote on March 27, 2016, 5:32 AM

Pity, it can happen, no one sees the homeless and the lost.

lookatdesktop wrote on March 27, 2016, 3:36 PM

I try to add a bit of a twist in my stories.

MegL wrote on March 27, 2016, 4:07 PM

Yes, makes them much more interesting.