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Don't hack my FB page.

Don't hack my FB PAGE!

first things first. Why would anyone even want to hack a social media site?

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I had an issue today. I had to change my password to one of my accounts for social media.

I double checked by logging in and logging out and back in to make sure the new password worked.

It did. So from that point I thought it was essential that I find out more about making my social media sites more hacker proof so I did a Google search about it. The above link is a good source for you to take a look at.

I hate it when they tell you you need to change your password but don't actually tell you what really happened and when you get an email about the password change you can never be sure it was about you changing it or the other person who was trying to change it that brought about the issue of you having to change it in the first place. Other than that security found an issue of possible security breach in my account and that it originated from a city in south Texas and the browser they were using. This is too inconclusive for me to just accept at face value.

I still have questions and I think I have a right to know exactly what occurred to my account and if it occurred do they have a way of tracer routing it? I find it puzzling and I think that is what they want us to feel, puzzled. What might motivate me to close my account with such a site is leveled at the point where the specificity of my account being compromised and what likelihood there exists of another such attempt at my account by a hacker lays in wait.


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MegL wrote on March 26, 2016, 2:37 AM

Both the links you provided are VERY useful and well worth keeping safe in case of problems. It's very annoying to get unspecific messages like you mention. emoticon :sad:

lookatdesktop wrote on March 26, 2016, 5:34 PM

I appreciate your comment. Have a good Easter Sunday.