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Might there be a way to lower the Carbon Dioxide Levels on Venus to thus lower the surface temperature to allow man to land there?

Venus, Earth's sister planet, called Earth's evil twin by some may have once been more like Earth in earlier times. But it currently has 95% carbon dioxide - CO2 and it's temperature is excessive and dangerous. It makes me wonder how Earth could survive if global warming kicked up our atmosphere a notch or two?

I wonder if there is something that could be done to change the level of CO2 on Venus?

Just a thought. It might require tons of a certain type of element. The same principle might be used by scientists on Earth to lower Earth's global temperature if our planet should take a rise for the worst.

Here is an interesting article. A person asks the question: Could half of Venus' atmosphere be removed and placed over Mars to make Venus cooler and also make Mars warmer? The idea there is not so much to add an element or effect to the atmosphere of Venus to change it's atmospheric composition but rather to scoop up half of the atmosphere and deliver it to Mars. Strange but interesting.

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MegL wrote on March 13, 2016, 7:45 PM

Wow! That's terraforming on a mega grand scale!