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Spring Means It is Time to Take Care of the Lawn we had a warm afternoon that made everyone want to head outdoors. My son had his first day of tennis practice. The rest of us took a stroll around the yard to observe the wildlife and see how the gardens look. I realized we were storing a few old items on the side of the house that need to be given away of disposed of. There are fall leaves still gathered under bushes and in corners. I made a list of what should be done to make sure our grass really is greener on this side of the fence.

Get Rid of the Junk

It seems to be inevitable to have junk that gathers, especially during the holidays. We did well this year but there are still 3 items to get rid of so our yard is completely clear. My husband also wants to sell an old trailer that is starting to look worn and shoddy. This will clear the space to make it look beautiful.

Rake the Leaves

The leaves need to come up in the next couple of weeks. The biggest reason is we saw the daffodils starting to push up out of the ground and show buds. I want to consider which flowers to plant and what needs to be pruned or trimmed.

Lawn Care

This year we are getting the lawn care service done earlier in the season . Last year we started too late and had a couple of patchy areas. While I know it won't be perfect right away, consistency is an attainable goal. Fertilizing and seeding would make a difference.

Spring has almost sprung and even though there is work ahead, I can't wait for it to finally arrive. Plus, we are hoping for good weather for the St. Patrick's Day parade that is right around the corner.

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