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Finding Ways to Improve Our Outdoor Living Space


The spring is coming and we realized it was time to improve our outdoor living spaces. We have limited outdoor storage and discovered the benefits of those storage boxes that double as benches. We have added to our spring checklist to ensure our yard is a fun and inviting place once the warm weather returns.

Clean Up and Clear Out

No matter how much cleaning we do in the fall, it seems there is still plenty of stuff to clean up and clear out after the spring thaw. From old toys to stray wrappers, we are making everything tidy before we do anything else. This includes getting rid of remaining fall leaves and fallen branches from winter.


We are already germinating some seeds on the windowsill in the kitchen. They will be planted when the time is right. We also wanted to add some shrubbery next to the new fence our neighbors are putting in for aesthetics. I wanted to have a vegetable garden but wonder if the deer would get more of the harvest than we would.

Updated Furniture

Some of our old plastic resin furniture is dated and shoddy. I bought a beautiful wicker table last year and is really durable. It stayed great throughout the winter. I would like to add some wicker chaise lounges for backyard sunbathing.

Check the Hot Tub

We bought an inflatable hot tub and hope it lasted through the winter chill in the shed. We need to clean it up, set it up and see if patchwork or any other repairs need to be made.

This is just a few things we need to do and I know we will come up with more over the next few weeks - such as pruning, mowing, fertilizing - the list is endless!

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MegL wrote on March 8, 2016, 5:36 PM

A garden is a great place to relax but it can be a lot of work also