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Five Reasons to Get Watercraft Insurance Before Spring

// live near the water because I am a beach bum and my husband is an avid fisherman. Our boats are on land for the winter but our dock still took a beating in all the winter storms. The moment the groundhog announced that spring was coming soon, my husband became eager to get out on the water. On the first pleasant day, he started repairing the dock. Unfortunately, the combination of slippery algae and wind caused him to fall and land in the emergency room with torn ligaments in his knee. While this was covered by our health insurance, it reminded me to get our boats insured before we put them back in the bay. Consider five reasons to get watercraft insurance before spring.

1. Accidents Happen

Accidents happen, even when we work hard to prevent them. My husband is a retired Marine with decades of boating experience but still fell in the creek last week. Imagine the cost of getting into an accident in your boat and whether you could afford to bear the burden financially. Plus, it is heartbreaking if your boat gets destroyed and you don't have enough money to fix it.

2. Be Ready for the Warm Weather

It can be tempting to take your boat out on the first beautiful day of spring. Everyone has been cooped up in the house for months and can't wait to get fresh air, go fishing , and have fun. Unfortunately, it can end in disaster if you get in an accident. Be prepared by shopping around boat insurance now, before the spring weather arrives.

3. Park at Any Marina

When we first got married, we tried to save money by skipping on boat insurance. We soon learned that certain marinas require proof of insurance to permit you to park there. Insurance gives boaters the freedom to park at any marina to go to a posh restaurant, visit friends or spend the afternoon at a scenic park.

4. Protect Yourself and Your Occupants

Often people invest in a boat to have a great time with people they care about. If you get into an accident, you want to protect these people and take care of them if they get hurt. Insurance covers a variety of situations that could otherwise have a negative impact on the people you love and your finances.

5. Consider the Cost of Other Vessels

Some people figure they have a cheap or older boat and it doesn't need to be insured, as it would not cost much to fix or replace it. But what if your boat crashes into a costly one? Keep that in mind and remember to invest in insurance. Also, most boats are not covered by your homeowners insurance policy, a common misconception that gives people a false sense of confidence.

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lookatdesktop wrote on March 2, 2016, 11:08 AM

Insurance is needed just in case. Good article. I like it.

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Last Edited: March 2, 2016, 11:09 AM

MegL wrote on March 3, 2016, 1:22 AM

Insurance is expensive but vital and that applies to everything. It's illegal to drive a car without insurance and it should be the same for boats. Loved the fishing page you linked to.