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Making major life style changes

Hi readers, as many of you already know that 3 years ago I had a major health scare and I knew I had to make changes not be around people who smoke cut out pizza and make good food choices but sometimes that's not possible around the first of the year I started working out I started walking on the treadmill then I decided because I fell twice in almost 2 months I wasn't going to risk injuring my self working out so I decided to do cardio its less risky im not after that perfect body I just want to be toned im not going to be a gym addict I have to conserve my energy so on the days that I cant get to the store I have the groceries delivered to me and I had to take a private driving to the store because im not able to take public transportation like I use to

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lookatdesktop wrote on February 24, 2016, 3:20 PM

You may like using a peddler. This is a product that is sold at Kroger and you can Google it. It is a fold out pair of peddles that you can place on the floor and set in a chair and peddle to help cardio-vascular health. It can be placed also on a table top and you can use hand motions instead of your feet for more health benefits. The price of this Peddler is about 50.00 or less, depending on where you purchase it. You don't have to worry about falling with this exercise device. Walmart has this device for sale at :

MegL wrote on February 24, 2016, 3:42 PM

If you fell because of balance problems, then you may find a gentle Tai Chi workout extremely good for improving balance so you are less likely to fall. I had poor balance after vertigo but a tai chi workout over about 6 weeks improved my balance greatly.

crowntower wrote on February 25, 2016, 10:55 PM

I think you just need to enjoy the life that you have right now whatever scares you it lead you toa better life style... And driving your own car is a blessing. Level up isa moment of success thatwe should be thankful... God always actsin.ysterious ways. God bless.