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History of the Oscars

hi readers . the Oscars is fast approaching lets look at the history of the Oscars the Oscars was first televised on tv back in 1953 and it was held at a hotel back in the 30s to 40s the ceremony was first held in late March or early April until 2004 when it was moved to late February to the beginning of March lets look at how the Oscars got its name one of the employees of the Academy said that the statue looked like her uncle Oscar. the ceremony was held in several hotels during the 30s and 40s which I forgot to mention it was held at the Shrine for several years until 2002 . for many years it started at 9pm until it was pushed back to 830pm

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lookatdesktop wrote on February 22, 2016, 9:31 AM

There sure were lots of changes as to the time and month the Oscars were held since back in the day. I bet old Oscar was proud to have it named after him.