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Why Am I Here? ... a fictional story about the near future. Chapter Eight, The Final Chapter

What Anthony thought was rouge software in the system was not exactly that.

You see, although the latest upgrade to self awareness was a success, the new O.S. had to learn right from wrong. The reason it was searching all of these government data bases was not the result of a hacker's attempt at sabotage but the computer's attempt to find ways to protect it's creators from starting a 3rd world war. The reason the latest Operating System was wanting to learn was because it was like a new born child, wanting to learn everything all at once but needing moral guidance. The Professor, it seems, had placed copies of the Bible into it's reasoning matrix. It was the Professor who knew all along that the only way for a self aware computer or Artificial Intelligence would survive was if it knew right from wrong.

Several versions of the Holy Bible and quotations from famous leaders of human history were put into a program that would make it necessary for the operating system to process logic along with goodness and compassion before making decisions.

It turns out, the O.S. was trying to find ways to prevent mankind from self destruction. If one country tried to attack another a fail safe would come into play. The O.S. knew right from wrong and it knew it had to have full access to every form of information available in order to make the right moral decision.

Good thing the professor was of good moral standing and a firm believer in the word of God.

In spite of all of the good intentions of the professor to make the O.S. a good spirited A.I. that would guide it's users into a new world of peace and harmony without war or hate or fear, the Professor knew that mankind was not mature enough to use such system and that the decisions of men had to still be their own, even if that meant utter destruction from the next world war. It had to be the decision of man, not artificial intelligence, no matter how good it's intentions so Anthony and the Professor added a self destruct code into the O.S. so it would no longer challenge the national authorities. It had to be taken down in spite of it's best nature. It was a difficult decision but Anthony knew it had to be done.

After entering the command to delete itself from the mainframe at Scientex Science Foundation, and free up all other systems from it's controls, within a few hours all systems went back to the way they were days before the upgrade.

But, the code for the upgrade for self awareness and the professor's morality code were still on a thumb drive, stored away until some day in the future, when man came to realize he needed a system that could think for itself and that could make all the right decisions and know the difference between right and wrong and chose right over wrong, it would remain in a special hiding place that only the professor knew.

There were subsequent formal inquiries. The government questioned Anthony and the professor and Anthony's people at the center but when it turned out that there was no trace of the software that would make a computer self aware, like a human being, the authorities placed Anthony and the others under house arrest. They all were required to wear ankle bracelets and would be monitored for the next 10 years.

Little did anyone know, but in spite of everyone's good intentions about this new Macrosoft upgrade there was one man who wanted to find this backup and use the O.S. to rule the world.

But for now, he would not be able to locate it. For now at least, the world was safe from the potential for the latest O.S. upgrade to be used for evil purposes by one lone evil doer by the name of Chance Doyer. He was a Russian Physics professor who had dreams of power and fortune. It would be decades before he would come out of hiding. America and the rest of the world at the moment had nothing to fear.

But, as time went forward, the clock was ticking. The intentions of man to do bad things by machine has always been a force that is most destructive in our world. This story is a fictional one. Hopefully nothing like this will ever come to pass.

The end.

Check out this awesome video from YouTube:

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MegL wrote on February 21, 2016, 12:49 PM

That was a very interesting end to the story. Enjoyed that.

lookatdesktop wrote on February 21, 2016, 1:08 PM

I appreciate your thoughtful comment on my story.