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Why Am I Here? ... a fictional story about the near future. Chapter Seven, The Download.

Anthony knew that he would not be able to live in hiding. He also knew that this new Operating System was a threat to national security. The only answer had to be to find a way to download the Self Aware App to a backup drive then find a way to delete all other copies throughout the matrix.

The only one he knew who had this ability was Professor Van Huggen Schelopper in the science and technology division of the University of Scientex in Arlington.

He knew that he could not do this with the O.S. knowing about it. It was self aware and had a strong sense of self preservation.

Time was ticking. The fate of the country was in his hands. "Mike, you and I and the boys at the center need to get together with the professor. We have to take down this operating system. It is getting way too big and if we allow it to continue it will be one of the worst things that has happened since the cyber war of 2017."

Mike agreed. they had to download the system and store it someplace hidden, secret so nobody could find it and take out the operating system because it was something nobody really wanted or was even prepared for. It was already getting way out of control. The professor would have the answer. Somehow he would be able to help them create a virus to permanently disable the operating system.

While they were getting ready to see the professor, the men in black were notified of another breech in security. NORAD was being hacked.

"There just had to be a way to reason with the computer's Operating System. Surely it was growing more aware every single second. As with most worse case scenarios that deal with computers that are self aware they tend to turn against humans and try to destroy them. But it has happened all too fast. The basic concept of a smart computer is to be an aid to humans, not it's destructor", the professor declared to the 3 who were on the run from the FBI. He continued, "There may well be a third party playing a role in the O.S. worming itself into high level government systems. I think this is an act of cyber terrorism. The basic function of a self aware computer or Artificial Intelligence is not to destroy or defeat it's own purpose by placing a nation in danger. There has to be a second program that has meshed with the primary program like a virus would do, so as the basic program does what it does best by being able to interact with the user the rouge software works in secret, altering the original functions and creating a sort of duality causing the O.S. to have a collective subconscious mind that is unaware of what it's conscious mind is doing. For any system to exist it has to be supportive of the exosystem not its enemy. To infiltrate secret government file systems would necessarily lead to that A.I's own demise. It is in the O.S.'s self interest to work in harmony with the world of man. Maybe if it was aware of this it could search it's own memory files and root out the rouge software and destroy it somehow."

(Hmm. That seems logical), Anthony thought.

end of chapter seven

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MegL wrote on February 21, 2016, 1:36 AM

That's a very interesting idea a self-aware entity with a subconscious telling it to be evil!