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Why Am I Here? ... a fictional story about the near future. Chapter Five, Going underground.

The tall man asked, "Do you two mind going with us somewhere?" Anthony and Mike looked at each other thinking, (what real choice do we have?)

"How far is it from here?", asked Anthony.

"It's about a 30 minute drive. I think you both will be impressed."

They both followed the tall guy inside the first vehicle. The taste of bile coming back up his throat, Anthony thought he felt a vibration in his chest. It was his cell phone. He ignored it for the moment.

The phone continued to vibrate. When they arrived at the end of town they walked towards what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse or a grain silo. "Follow me gentlemen."

Anthony wanted to know who was on the other end of that phone call so he asked, "Is there a place I can relieve myself Mr.?" -"Owens, you can call me Mr. Owens. You can use the restroom inside there." Pointing towards what appeared to be a parking garage entrance. "There is a public restroom near the elevators. We will all wait there until you are finished."

Anthony went inside the public restroom, pulled out his cell phone and saw a message on it. It read, " YOU ARE IN DANGER ANTHONY. YOU MUST FIND A WAY TO GET OUT OF THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. YOU AND YOUR FRIEND BOTH. "

As soon as he read the message he erased it. He washed his hands and went back out to where Mike and the 6 men in black were standing and waiting for him.

"You look a little nervous Mr. Franks. There really is no need to fear us. We are not here to do any harm to you and your friend. We all only want what is best for the security of this country. That is why we brought you here."

Tony acted like he was getting sick as if he might throw up. "Mike, I need my pills. Get me my pills ASAP!" Mike realized this was code talk for we need to vacate the premises. Mike reached into his coat pocket to get hold of a small bottle of Ativan, the only thing he had on his person. And the moment he handed the bottle of pills to Anthony, they both started running out through the front exit and hurried down the hill to an open country side, where they managed to get as far away from those men as possible before they had a chance to chase them down on foot.

"Sanders! Get those two. We can't let them get away!" shouted the tall man.

Mike and Anthony remained in hiding behind an old filling station behind some large dumpsters.

The 6 men in black got back into their SUVs and drove in another direction to get to the main road but they were unable to track down those two.

"What alerted you to the fact we might be in danger other than a gut feeling?" asked Mike. Anthony replied, "My Operating System seems to have cloned itself inside my cell phone and in spite of the fact they have my computer my phone has the O.S. inside it. It told me we were in danger and that we needed to get away as soon as possible."

"But do you trust your program upgrade more than the Feds?" Anthony replied to Mike, "At this point I trust no one but you and a few others in our department."

They both waited. They knew they could not go back home. They both knew they were being hunted down like wild dogs and they both had a hunch they needed to go underground.

"Times like this we need a safe house to go to and I know where one is within 5 miles of here."

The safe house was the 5th floor basement of the Flemming House, a few blocks down from the Paper Mill not far from the city zoo. Jake Sanderson would be there waiting for them.

end of chapter five.

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MegL wrote on February 20, 2016, 6:11 PM

This is exciting!