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Why Am I Here? ... a fictional story about the near future. Chapter Four, The O.S. Has Issues.

Anthony had no choice. He had to try an a DOD 7 swipe full system erasure. The BK WIPE program was initiated by insertion of a thumbdrive that immediately began the full system wipe.

With the thumbdrive inserted in slot no. 11, Anthony went to sleep. It had been a long day. Tomorrow would be a longer one.

At 3:01 AM he awoke to the phone ringing. It was Mike. "Anthony you have to meet me at Starbrooks coffee shop immediately. We've got a real problem and it needs your attention ASAP"

Anthony slowly got dressed. In the bathroom he splashed as much cold water on his unshaven face until he felt a bit refreshed and more alert. He grabbed his thermos of hot coffee. He left the house without noticing that his computer was shut down.

He had not noticed but, his computer had shut itself down when it detected the BKWIPE running and prevented it's erasure by doing a complete emergency shutdown, after erasing the thumb drive.

While Anthony was completely unaware of this he went down to the corner bus stop and waited for the next DART bus to take him to Starbrooks where he would meet up with Michael Hendrix, one of the IT specialists at Scientex. The coffee shop was nearly deserted. Save for the fact it was a 24/7 hot spot, it would be the only place they could talk business in private within a 5 mile radius of the center of the downtown district.

"Anthony, my computer was writing code. It was connecting with the central database of the NSA and I couldn't get it to stop. I tried to pull the plug but it has a new battery backup system. I tried to do a flash drive erase of the OS and the system was smarter than I thought. it was able to not only stop the process but totally erase the files on that drive. It has been hacking on it's own both the NSA database but the FBI. It is acting on it's own and it's gonna get me in trouble. The feds will be on my case in no time and I will be blamed for breaking into their central system files."

"Mike, I know this is partly my fault. Macrosoft has some people on the inside who stole my ideas and had a math wizard dude write the code for the new upgrades and it seems the AI of all the effected OS's is making them curious. Their curiosity. I think the computers with the new software upgrade for self awareness is making them get out of control"

The newly upgraded systems running artificial intelligence and self awareness has spawned a new form or, perhaps a new generation of smart computers that write their own algorithms, using system diagnostics, basic computer code that enables them to gain access to top secret data files and who knows how deep this might go. Anthony was becoming really emotional but didn't say a word. He sipped on his cappuccino and sugar donut and Mike was making more phone calls.

Just outside the coffee shop, rolled in, 3 black SUV's Men in black attire got out, 2 per vehicle. They waltzed into the shop and sat at the tables near the entrance. Anthony and Mike got pretty nervous. "Look, over there Anthony" Anthony tried to remain calm and hoped there would be no form of confrontation. "Let's take our donuts and coffee, tip the barista and head out the front door Michael".

But as the two approached the door, Anthony dropped his coffee on the floor right at the front door.

One of the men in black spoke. "Excuse me, I believe you dropped something. Allow me to buy you another coffee Mr. Franks." Anthony turned slowly. The tall one wearing the fedora took out his wallet and walked over to the barista and ordered another cappuccino. "Please, have a seat and enjoy your coffee while it's hot. No sense spilling any more."

Mike and Anthony walked over and sat down beside the tall guy. He brought the hot coffee to the table. "Mr. Franks, I know who you are. I need to discuss a few matters with you and your buddy here so you might as well stick around a while longer and finish your drink."

Now both of them were nervous. Anthony wondered how this man knew him by his last name. It had been a long time since he went by the name of Tony Franks. And Anthony asked, "Okay, please tell me what this is all about? Is it the new O.S. upgrade from Macrosoft?"

The man in black sipped on his coffee and smoked a cigar and paused a moment, then said, "Oh that is just a drop in the bucket. We have bigger issues to handle. For instance, your computer went online a few hours ago and hacked into the State Department and began downloading a lot of information. Your computer has already been removed and taken down to FBI headquarters. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Nobody holds you responsible but the results of the upgrade which is the result of illegal computer hacking by certain key operatives working inside Macrosoft Doors.

You are but one victim of several hundreds of thousands who have systems being compromised.

There have been activities going on for months but we have only just now been made aware of the security breach in the State Department's data files."

"Is snow Dan in any way connected with this intel gathering?" , Mike asked. The tall man smoking the cigar replied, "Funny you should ask that question." But he did not go into any detail. He continued smoking. The other men at the other tables sat quietly with their cups of coffee and never said a word.

end of chapter four

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Getting very serious something is going to have to be done!