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Another Coffee Post by lookatdesktop

I admit it. I have posted too many articles about Starbucks or at least about coffee. Well, here's one more for you to look at!

I remember one day when I headed up around 6 AM on a weekday. I walked from my house to the local doughnut shop. Ken was setting at the back reading the newspaper and having a cup of hot coffee. I didn't speak to him. I quit working for him years ago and he might not even recognize me. Ken was the owner of the local hardware store in Oak Cliff, across the street from a church.

Tiger by the Tail was playing in the background by Buck Owens of all things. I ordered 2 cinnamon rolls and a large coffee. I went back to the far end of the shop and had a seat at the last table.

It was still early and the sun had barely come up. Yet people came in as if this was the best donut shop on planet Earth.

I enjoyed my time just sitting and watching others order their favorites while I sipped on the coffee and got sticky fingers from the cinnamon rolls.

Then it was time for me to get my B-hind off the chair and head on out the front door to the streets. Where now Anthony? Hmm. I guess I'll ride the 9-Crosstown bus all around town and look out the widow. I brought my cassette recorder and it had music from a record of David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust. I got on the bus and rode it around twice. By the end of the trip I got off just a half block from my house. It was fun to ride that bus and knowing all along that one ticket got me two round trips all over town for just 50 cents.

The lawn needed mowing so I fixed some iced tea and took a few sips. I filled the tank and it started on the second pull. It took an hour or more to do the front, the back and the alley. It looked better. Now that I had that out of the way it was time to call Mike and see if he wanted to play some tennis at the park. He was willing so he and I met at Kiest Park's tennis courts just off Perryton Street. We played 3 solid hours. I rode my bike back home and he headed back to his home a block away to the east.

What Mike did not know at the time and I didn't realize either, but one day I would marry his mother. He never understood how or when it happened. It just happened. My friend's mom and I fell in love and got married in 1986. She still never liked coffee and she was a tea drinker. I will admit I like both.

Now it's 2016. I am still drinking hot coffee, listening to Who's going to Mow your grass by Buck Owens. Some times, it seems as if time just stands still. You know what I mean?

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MegL wrote on February 17, 2016, 1:43 PM

It's amazing isn't it? It's probably just as well we don't know what is going to happen!