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Driving with the trunk lid not closed all the way and smelling exhaust fumes in the cabin

Having a defective pull down trunk motor on your car can be upsetting but it can also be dangerous.

The facts report that CO aka carbon monoxide fumes can poison you if you breath them in and that the trunk lid being open even partially while driving can pull in the exhausts from the tail pipe just underneath and be noticed inside the cabin where you are setting at the front of the car.

I noticed for the first time a few days ago that I could smell some exhaust and at the time I blamed it on the traffic in front of us. Then I went online and read from an article from Iowa State University on this subject:

Now I know that it is especially important that I first buy that new trunk pull down motor. Because, before we were driving with the trunk lid down properly, before I thought I could open it up and put in a spare tire when the trunk lid pull down motor failed I was thinking how lucky I was to be able to at least drive the car with the lid most of the way down. Well, most of the way down is not good enough. The fumes from the tail pipes just under the bumper are dual exhaust and the fumes make it back up into the inside of the trunk and through to the cabin of the car, the interior where driver and passengers set.

It isn't so bad as to gag a maggot but enough for me to realize that once I get the pull down motor replaced and the lid closed properly I must have a mechanic look into the exhaust system to try to see if there are any leaks at all.

Not good to breath this stuff. To top it all off, our left front center hub cap fell off because the tire man at Sam's Club failed to hammer it in until it clicked properly in place. We drove home with the center cap on but apparently even though I used my fist to hammer the thing in place due to it being a bit lose, that didn't do the job. Now we have to drive around with both front center caps missing on our front wheels.

Getting new ones might be difficult.

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MegL wrote on February 12, 2016, 5:52 PM

I hadn't realised that fumes could be drawn into an open trunk from the exhaust outlet. That makes it VERY important to get that lid closed tight!

lookatdesktop wrote on February 12, 2016, 6:28 PM

That I will fix when I get the 232.00 to order the motor assembly from Amazon next month.