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Those who can put on a good show for the popular vote.

The popular vote seems to be all about how extreme a candidate can be.

I see that executive billionaire Donald Trump is ahead on the conservative side and United States Senator Bernie Sanders is the more popular liberal candidate for the Democratic party.

They are both popular.

They are both controversial.

They both are intense and extreme in the way they express themselves. Both U.S. presidential candidates are able to excite the American voters and garner support through their dialog and their basic appeal.

I would vote for the doctor if he were up there in the polls but unfortunately it looks as though the American voter of the year 2016 is an emotional voter. The doctor was more emotional he would not be a neurosurgeon. He would be a reality show host or an insurance salesman!

The very nature of football has been trumped by the latest style of musical entertainment by groups like Lady Gaga and Cold Play and Beyonce. I even heard that financial support for the Superbowl was provided in part by buying commercial air time during the 50th Superbowl game.

Do we want spectacle? More to the point, do we as a nation really want to be run by the media both in consumerism but in politics?

When the day comes to vote, will you vote based on what the media tells you about these candidates or will you do your own Google search to find out more before making you decision. Don't vote just because you either have to pick out the lesser of two evils or worse, doing so because it's what your best friend says is the write person to be elected President.

In a way I am glad that people can not vote at the click of a mouse on their computer. I have noticed that I even sway back and forth between wanting to vote for A then maybe B no, C, and then back to A again like it was a guessing game on the t.v. game show 'Let's Make A Deal'

I believe that the candidate that has the most financial vested interests backing him up is the one who stands to gain more by becoming president. But this is not a game. Before you vote, think about which candidate is less likely to ruin our country or do less damage than the other. It's no game. The media plays it like a game show where the voter has a choice between what's behind door no. 1 or curtain number 2 or box number 3. The scariest thing is that many people just won't bother even voting. Many think that it is already rigged and that the corporations will make sure that their interests are taken care of. I don't think like this, but I do know that corporations are bigger than we can possibly imagine. America is run more like a company than a country. It is more like an organization with shareholders doing all the voting.

Money is the biggest bottom line in who get's in for the next 4 years. Well It seems like it.

Who ever can make sure that the bottom line is taken care of will be the one who gets the seat at the White House and all of the fame and public criticism that comes along with it.

Independent Party comes to my mind right about now: Ross Perot, 1992 Independent Presidential Candidate from Texarkana, Texas, born in 1930. I think he would have been a better president if he was a bit younger and running today than the ones who are now running. Oops. I hope I did not anger anyone by this.

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MegL wrote on February 11, 2016, 11:00 AM

You are right on all counts. And the media runs the show in favour of the biggest payer!

lookatdesktop wrote on February 11, 2016, 11:38 AM

It seems that way. I can't believe that some people I have known for years do not vote. They do not vote because they do not believe their vote would make any difference. I wonder if the results of our next president being elected will have any effect on the value of the dollar?

MegL wrote on February 11, 2016, 2:11 PM

It's quite possible that the result of the next election will affect the stock market at least for a while, it usually does.

lookatdesktop wrote on February 11, 2016, 2:51 PM

I really wish there were an independent with some real public appeal could redirect the course. I think Ross Perot was an independent. I wonder if his chances would have been better as a Republican or Democrat?