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Day 6 off Ativan. Lorazepam - Experiencing fine hand tremors and gastrointestinal problems.

I'm on day 6 off Ativan aka, Lorazepam.

I woke up this morning with a discomfort in my stomach. I am having IBS symptoms. When my wife handed my my morning breakfast I noticed the food was making me nauseated and both of my hands were slightly trembling.

I went out to the car to wipe it down with a shop towel after an overnight sprinkle. When I returned I felt a sense of dread at having to go drive 8 miles south to the SAM's Club for my wife and I to have those 2 new tires put on our Caddy, after waiting a whole week for them to get them on order at a 30 dollar price increase since the sale ran out a week before we paid for them.

My wife is getting ready and I am never ready. I know that I will be experiencing mild anxiety. The roads are slippery wet from the overnight rains and it's Superbowl tomorrow so the crowds at SAM's Club will probably be heavy with people wanting to buy at the last minute. It's a shopping frenzy. It seems like every time we go shopping on a weekend the entire human race converges under the same roof as if called by hypnotic suggestion so BUY BUY BUY UNTIL YOU DIE DIE DIE.

I have to remember to have the tire guy save one of the two tires for a spare and place it in the back car seat. I know, kind of silly but we have a Cadillac and the trunk pull down motor has a problem not working one minute, working the next. I put graphite on the thing and it worked okay for a while but there was a time I used WD-40 spray on it and it had to be wiggled to go back up to catch the latch on the trunk lock to pull it back down. They make them so that once the pull down trunk motor fails you can not just close the trunk manually because the latch has to mechanically go back up to be far up enough to click the latch on the trunk lid. The way they make new cars these days is not very intelligent. If you get locked inside your car and your battery dies on you and it's 100 degrees outside and you start to get heat stroke you need a ball peam hammer to break the window to get air or you have to read the stupid manual that says, "By the way, in case of battery failure and the doors are locked, reach down below at the lower right hand corner of the driver's side door and pull up on the emergency latch."

I do not carry a hammer with me but I am thinking about it, but the fact is, it could be considered a concealed weapon by police if you are inadvertently pulled over for a ruteen insurance stop.

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MegL wrote on February 6, 2016, 2:36 PM

I believe some places recommend you carry a hammer in the car to break the glass. A couple of people drowned when their car ran into a ditch. They couldn't get out through the doors because they were jammed by being in the ditch and they were unable to break the windows. emoticon :sad: There are some foods that are recommended as helpful for IBS, including sieved carrots and roast chicken. I make my husband carrot soup when his ulcerative colitis flares up. I use proper bone broth, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger and turmeric. The only other flavouring is salt!
I hope your anxiety calms itself.