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Nothing comes in packages of threes, not even trees.

If a tree is to survive in a forest it has to share the area with other trees.

You have heard the phrase 2's a company, 3's a crowd. That was because some people don't like sharing.

Independent business owners like a single tall pine tree in a field of grass are not as strong and reliable as a small group of business co-owners working together and sharing ideas in the same way more trees growing closely together to create a barrier against the wind will form what is called the forest which is bigger than the sum of it's trees.

A business relies on the company, that is, the members, the owners and the workers and the managers all working in tandem to get things moving forward for success.

The difference between success of any business and failure is when you refer to the old saying, 'United we stand, divided we fall.'

That said, The coffee manufacturers rely on the workers in the field, the labor force, the distribution of the goods, and a willing buyer at the retail market, but moreover, the coffee manufacturers rely in large part on the advertisements that let the public at large know about their product. Without advertising in one shape or form or another, the business would indeed fail.

Not only that, when the word spreads about Joe Coffee is on sale at market A and people who shop at market B are buying Sam's Dairy, and enough ads let those in both markets know that Joe Coffee tastes lots better with Sam's Dairy cream, people will shuffle from market A and market B to buy both products, knowing they are both complimentary to each other.

The simple idea of placing high velocity items on an end cap in a retail grocery store like canned chili and saltine crackers, a shopper seeing these two items on display together will get the idea that they belong together in a single meal. Thus the sales of both items will increase because of their juxtaposition with each other, or their suggestive sale marketing plan-0-gram location in the store at first glance.

First glance gets the eye looking. Then it takes just a few seconds to register in the brain that the way things are put together in a single area of reference they appear to belong together and that is what gets people to buy things together.

If a business that sells car parts has ads on a site that provides information and stories by car owners that relate to fixing engines or getting better mileage or safety tips for driving and maintaining a car, the ads that relate to products relevant to the articles about fixing cars get people to buy their products it's a win-win for both groups of people, the writers of a site that deals with car maintenance, and the sellers of relevant products for your car.

From my point of view I have seen writing sites that have just a few ads, but these are targeted at the specific subject matter of the article as per category. The site I am referring to is imagined, for one. If an article is written in a category about driving safety and in a subcategory: teen driving I will see ads posted on the page with that article that refer to 2 different subjects of relevance, one is a few other articles written by other writers of the site about similar topics of the automotive kind and relevant ads that are based on this subject or or the intuitive nature of the reader based on cookies in their browser history that relate to items of commercial nature. This is not always a good thing. It seems a bit like mind control. I do not like reading an article that has ads that say: Hey there Anthony. I know you recently were looking at stuff to buy at Amazon and wanted to place replicas of these particular items in your face so you would eventually give in to your impulse to buy them. That is the wrong kind of advertising. Most all will agree with me.

So, ads can be a good thing or a form of mind control and for this reason good ads that don't seem to follow the writer around like a dog barking at your heals or a wood pecker pecking at your head versus meaningful articles that relate to positive and fruitful products that anyone, not just the writer, will enjoy and look at. Other wise you will have people simpily turning on their adblock plus filters and pop up blockers to avoid them. That is, all of the non relevant and irritating ads will run people off.

It is one thing to advertise but another to shove ads down people's throats. Television is the worst if you can remember the last time you watched network or broadcast television. The increase in commercial ads about pharmaceuticals is outrageously alarming.

I hate those commercials. These are being shoved down our throat as a corporate form of mind manipulation to make people past 50 feel like they are going to need drugs the rest of their lives and if they do they have to deal with the alarmingly vast number of adverse side effects of these drugs along with the happy people in the commercial who seem to be enjoying a back yard picnic or a walk along a beautiful park trail.

There are millions of dollars put into the prime time commercials that are shown during the Superbowl. Most people are watching or will be watching Superbowl 50 between The Panthers and the Broncos. The corporations that advertise during this peak period of public media viewing are banking on these ads to bring in tons of profit revenue and are willing to invest millions to do so.

Knowing who will be watching and when is essential to making profit dollars in revenue. There are actually good days to go online and bad days. Can you think of which days are better and what time of day? Also, knowing that the world wide web is a 24 hour a day reality, there are people going on line practically every second of every day, but for America it is divided into the hours between the east and west coast. The hours of any given day. Some people surf the internet past midnight. some have the night shift and sleep all day and do not hardly ever surf the net by day. You have the working class, the retired, the elderly, the very young, students, professionals, laymen, readers and writers all looking for that special tidbit that will make their internet search worth their while.

The one constant in this ever changing world is the certainty that your favorite search engine will be there next time you log on and that the sites you enjoy reading and writing on will be there as your rock of stability, your island of calm in a chaotic sea. The number of sites that are certain are becoming more scarce. Even Twitter and Facebook could go under. It's a possibility.

When you go to buy a particular product do you often wonder why sometimes the store you shop at no longer carries that product? Sometimes a product just vanishes. Sometimes a store just closes. Sometimes you look out the window and your neighbor's house has been demolished. Yea, it's kind of scary isn't it. This constant sense of uncertainty. The things that matter most to us like our favorite television shows or our car or home or friends on social media. But it's an illusion. The only thing that makes sense is being able to adapt to the changes and keep going forward with optimism. Surely we have our doubts about the future. The weather is a good analogy for life. One day the sun will arm your face, the next it will scorch and burn your entire body. Just don't look directly into the sun and head the UV warnings from the weather channel. Wear sunblock.

If you are going out into the unknown, carry your compass. If you are afraid just know that the animals in the forest are more afraid of you than you are of them.

Image Credit » 3 green trees by Anthony Davis, author.

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