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Day 4 off Ativan. Lorazepam withdrawal symptoms are mild at the moment.

Day 4 off Ativan.

I have good news about the insurance. My wife talked to the insurance claims person and she said we can expect the check in the mail in a day or so. We will get our damaged window replaced and new siding with a coat of fresh paint. The lawn will be leveled where the ruts were made by the tow truck pulling the damaged pickup from the front of our house.

2 weeks ago and 4 days, our home was slammed into by a tipsy driver going over the speed limit east bound on a winding road.

The frequency of serious collisions caused by the road going into an 'S' curve is pretty darn high.

I have been out side many times raking or watering or digging in the flowerbed when I could have been run over by a drunken driver. It's no picnic living here. But then there is no safe place where there are cars.

That is one reason I tried to think of ways to make it safer for people who like walking and biking around instead of driving. The neighbor's house had a black metal iron fence and gate in front of their front yard with a concrete driveway to park their cars on. The gate and most of the front part of that iron fence was destroyed last Sunday just a week after a truck hit our house. The damage to that car was complete. In spite of the fact the impact sent the car bouncing backwards into the street, the driver was not hardly injured. The owners of the house suffered the brunt of the damage. So far my next door neighbor's car was damaged, his small tree destroyed and a year ago our other neighbor, a retired barber, had his Cedar Tree hit by another vehicle causing massive damage to the tree. It looks like someone took a large pair of sheers and cut the lower bottom side out of it. But, it is still growing and in about 10 years from now nature will make it look almost as if it were never damaged.

It's day 4 for me. The day isn't over yet. I am hoping to get off this Ativan for good.

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MegL wrote on February 4, 2016, 12:48 PM

I hope it goes well for you.