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Hello to all! It has been quite a couple of months since I have written on here. So very sorry for that. Life gets in the way at times with my work schedule and my very active toddler who keeps me on pins and needles.

While drinking my coffee this morning, I was on another site and had read that Persona Paper would be closing. I was surprised and feel a little sad about this. I may not have cashed out, but then again I could have been more active, so yes I know it is partially my fault as well.

Unlike Bubblews who booted me off with no warning and basically stole all my articles that I worked hard on, this place was very warm and welcoming from the very first day. I was in awe and very happy to be here.

The only real complaint I had was that it was a little slow and the earning were even slower. I felt like my time here was being wasted somewhat and I don't mean to offend anyone.

I do feel so sad for the individuals that run this site and has kept it up for as long as they could. You guys are truly amazing.

I have made a few acquaintances on this site and you guys know where to find me on MyLot. emoticon :smile:

With that I shall take my leave. If this site does happen to come back, you may find me back here. Goodbye to you all!

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MegL wrote on February 2, 2016, 5:53 PM

Yes, life happens for us all and sometimes we get surprises when we return to somewhere we once knew well.