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It's school time!!!

For some parts of the world, school vacations just kicked or maybe classes are just about to end. But in my place, classes just started! We’re so wrapped up in this stress-free, relaxed state that just thinking about those sleep-depriving, nerve wrecking student life routines disheartens us for going back to school.

But, hey, let me tell you something. There are lot of things to be excited about in going back to school. Aside from seeing your favorite pretty/ handsome instructor AGAIN and hoping all hopes that you would be under her/ his class, you can be again head-over-heels over your long missed crush. And, of course, guys, don't forget the most important of all, the only reason for some “students” endure all those sufferings, The Allowance! (Cheers to those who can relate haha!).

See? That's why you should be all pumped up to be in school with this very short list of things to look forward to. As if I don’t know, you have a long list of yours, too, that needn't to be mentioned.

But kidding aside, I know motivating yourself is very hard. In times like you are dragging yourself just to be physically present at school, to pretend you are listening during discussions, to cram during quizzes and exams, those are downsides of a student life but just keep in mind that there is no one-sided coin. Just exert all efforts you have, learn to love what you do, use not just your mind but your heart as well in learning things. Then in no time, that coin will surely show its other side.

So kickstart those neurons and let it be electrified!!!

Learning never stops!

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