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YouTube: Video inspires traveling Peru by train

Based on article by Hillary Ojeda

A Swiss-Canadian tourist posted a video on YouTube with spectacular images of Peruvian landscapes.

Cusco and Puno are highlighted most in the video. (Photo: YouTube capture/Into Peru Jeremy Reist)

These days, traveling the entirety of Peru, or traveling Peru by train is not the mot common route taken by tourists. Limited by funding, time, or interest, most tourists visit the country to see Machu Picchu, and maybe Puno, and that’s it.

A video recently posted on YouTube by a tourist who visited Peru, will have visitors second-guessing their plans if they have decided to follow the well-beaten path: missing the vast expanse of rural Peru by train. The video takes its viewers into a special tour through Peru’s rural landscapes, accompanied by the soft techno rhythms of ‘Brother’ by Matt Corby (Kygo Remix),

Filmed by an iPhone 6 and a Cannon Rebel T3i, the video was recorded and posted by Swiss-born, Canadian-raised Jeremy Reist . Scenes of C usco, Machu Picchu and Puno are easily recognised, with images of Inca ruins, llamas and the blue, tranquil shores of Lake Titicaca.

The film’s name, ‘Into Peru’, does just that; it transports the viewers to the locations a s if they were actually there.

Almost constantly in action, Reist is often in motion as he films; either on train, car or boat, many scenes are moving past the camera. In the midst of the shots in motion, however, are shots of wind blowing through trees, natural springs full of flowing water, guinea pigs munching on grass and l lamas grazing on the terraces of Cusco.

Do watch this Into Peru film:

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Image source: train-passenger-tracks-947323 by Unsplash

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