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Gratitude Challenge Day #633

Hey there, peeps. I’m a little late on posting the Gratitude Challenge, but it’s only a few minutes after midnight. I’m just going to get right down to business, so here is my gratitude list for January 22nd....

1. My loved ones are safe and sound during this crazy weather. :)

2. One of my clients sent me a bunch of direct orders. I'm doing enough to meet my weekly goal, and then saving the rest for Monday's batch (just in case things are a little slow).

3. My older sister rented The Facts of Life seasons one and two from the library today, so my Mom, niece and I started watching it today.

4. My younger sister put the magenta/pink back in my hair. We just dyed the underneath again.

5. I'm sipping a hot chocolate right now and it's delicious lol.

Okay, I honestly have no idea if I’m gonna get around to posting tomorrow. If I do, it will only be the Gratitude Challenge, and it won’t be until later. I’m probably not posting at all on Sunday. I may just do some interaction over the weekend. We’ll see what happens. You all take care and stay safe in this crazy weather.

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