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Neopets "The Coincidence" 01/18/2016

As soon as I saw the items pop up on my screen I knew I was going to pass on this one. I have a ton of the three items needed for the quest but any time I decide to do a quest that asks for these items I end up with a generic message or worse, losing stat points.

Waterfish x2: You can get these from The Fishing Hole or through other site events; the current selling price on the Shop Wizard is about 50NP. If you hoard these you are going to want to wait until they are out of the rotation at The Coincidence and scoop them up for a couple of points each.

Lesser Spotted Fish x2: These are at the 800NP mark right now; they do stay fairly high regardless of whether they are in the rotation or not. If you hit the junk spots a lot you might be able to snag a couple of these a week; go to the garbage dump too.

Ptolymelon x3: To get a good price on this you might have to start looking for other cheap items on the Shop Wizard; that's how I usually end up with a ton of them in my Safety Deposit Box.

Ubikiberry Elixir x2 - Tuskaninny Treasure x3 - Gilded War Hammer x1
The ray fizzles for a moment before you hear a strange pop. Your pockets feel lighter. Well, looks like you lost 430 NP!

Pale Elixir x3 - Blue Moon Petpet Bed x1 - Tiki Brochure x1
A portal opens, and through the multi-coloured swirls, you can see a plain wooden box. Before you can grab it, the portal closes.

The two above listings are for the two days I couldn't get on to the site to post. They are mostly for reference for those who keep track of when items are asked for and so they can restock accordingly.

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