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Neopets Fortune Cookie #21 / Quest One: Go Away Grey Faerie!

Not everyone dislikes the Grey Faerie, some people love doing her quests because you never know what you are going to get as a reward. I opened another cookie to try to increase my active pets stats while I try to get more red Codestones. Some of them have gone into the 30K range so if you have to use more than a couple (depending on your pets level) you could easily be spending 120K a day to train your pet. That's when you need to start hitting the Battledome every single day and build up a cache of them

QUEST ONE : " You are currently on a quest for a Grey Faerie. Oh well, I didn't expect you to succeed, anyway. Very few people ever bother to help a grey faerie, after all . You are supposed to bring me: Warf

You've done so much for me. Thank you, from the bottom of my sad little heart. I have no magic of my own to reward you with, so I'm asking for help from another faerie. Water faerie, come and bestow your blessing upon this Neopian! I cannot abide a debt that is not paid. Her gift with the tides has surged PoisonGirl_666's defence! "

The price on the Warf (Petpet) has been increasing since it's been in heavy rotation for the quests. Others that are gaining speed on the Shop Wizard include Spyder and Angelpuss. The payoff for this wasn't bad but since it was for the Grey Faerie you really have no idea which one is going to come to her rescue if you complete the quest. She can ask for anything so don't try to anticipate your possible reward / stat blessing based on what she is asking for.

Faerie Quest Portal:

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