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City of Bones by Cassandra Claire

Hi Everyone!

My time is really quick here,need to take a nap so I can go to work later at night, but I might as well drink coffee again to wake me up no matter how many hours I sleep in the morning I got tired and sleepy at night.

before I go, I want to show you my new book that I am reading, I am done reading City of Bone, it was sold out to other bookstore but not on Fully Books and Powerbooks.Actually this City of Bones are already in the movie, but I don't know if it become hit on the screen, but all I know this book was loved by many readers, and was translated in number of languages. So here we go.

Clary is a fifteen year old normal girl who has no clue about her own blood, that later did she found out that her mother who appeared to be one of the Shadowhunter (A being who kills Demons.) is paying a warlock whose named was Magnus Bane, who erased all of her memories every year so she will completely not recall every single detail of her powers and being different from normal people who have an eye to see Shadowhunters, demons etc.

But too late for that year, she already witnessed three Shadowhunter killed a demon who looks like a normal teenager from her work place and everything started on it. Her life turn upside and down in just a few weeks of running from vampires, werewolves... from finding her memory back. Seeing her long lost brother which all readers thinks that they are inlove with one another.

Well buying the next book is the agenda of knowing how will Clary and Jace will have the truth. I am wondering if Jace Wayland was the son of Valentine (the Villain) and Mryse... ewww... but who knows... just to make the love between Clary and Jace possible as the author make them seems like apparently sisters.

I just hope this series of book will not sugar coat the fallen angels. There are biblical things in it. And I just hope they will not confuse people from Satanic Forces and the purity of the true living God.

To Christ be the glory.

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CalmGemini wrote on January 18, 2016, 2:21 AM

I have not read this book.But I think the movie did not get good reviews.

crowntower wrote on January 19, 2016, 1:33 AM

That's what I have been lookingfor. Because my sister said that it did not hit the big screen that successfully. Hehehehe she said maybe because the people got disappointed to the heroes look... just kidding but who would want a movie that the love interest happened to be siblings. But I think there is more to it that is why I bought the next book. Thank you for reaading CalmGemini