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Learn to love a person.

There are lives, memories set to name. There are roads, put her into longing. There are almost breath of love ...

When he says "I parted away!", Both in the world as they poured down in front. Feeling heart lurched up bouts, but tears choking bitterness flared out, dry lips do not utter a sentence well ... The feeling that until now I still remember.

How much time had passed him, huh?

It is said, those who love the split, the first day, the other is all on the second half with nostalgia, the third day was only a half, and so on, but the results division two was never zero. So, forever, the beloved remains also never run dry.

Yet, I still want to learn how to find forgotten ...

If the wind does not carry the day that you go

Maybe this time, he was at my side, forever ...

The hand held, the Greater love.

I will pack carefully, his only remaining known only ...

There are lives, memories set to name

There are roads, put yourself into missed

There are almost breath love

Yet as this, where is happiness?

When he says "I parted away!", Both in the world as they poured down in front ... (Artwork)

I will remember to forget what should not.

And learn to forget the things you do not remember.

When the situation we unfinished

When I accidentally lost his arm ...

Knowing before it's too fragile love ...

Only themselves to blame, why "miss" so much love

Put your hands over your heart and self-knowledge can not

Love a person, not easy to forget where ...

I already know how to remember, is injured, the crying, the sadness

Wait, wait, is hope, is anxiously ...

Knowing disappointed and hope to

Knowing bet and then lose faith belief

I also know the feeling when someone is hurt

Comprehend the pain when someone abandoned

Knowing the love silence between questions left open

Knowing the Foolish wait forever when a person

There was ... love.

Brother ...

I was afraid of loneliness, afraid of the night no one elected you bid.

Fearing that his heart was not cracked ... These days he.

People say "remember to forget, forget and to remember." Which do you find yourself struggling to keep forever every breath. Have you ever, you forget where you are?

"The stranger who love each other, love each other and who became estranged."

Now, I just want the unknown, into someone who I know!

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