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Effects of Jealousy!!

When you feel jealous. that's normal. It only means that you really love that certain person.Maybe you are just afraid of losing the person that you love.that's why you feel jealous with someone else who is close to him/her. But too much jealousy where in you need to control your partner in everything he/she do or control them to whom she/he will going to talk to.. that is no longer jealous because you love the person. that is because you are selfish.. Avoid feeling too much jealous because this is very harmful. I have a friend who almost died because of jealous. her husband almost killed her because he is jealous with his own cousin. He can't control he's anger until he almost killed my friend by a 6 inches knife..

As much as possible trust you partner and avoid being jealous to anyone most specially when there is no such evidence that your partner is having a relationship with other guy/girl.

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Etc. wrote on June 13, 2014, 12:49 PM

I've never chosen a man I had cause to feel jealous of. If you do, a lot, my advice is to run. You may really like him, but he's giving you cause to think he doesn't really like you. I'm not talking about the rare case of pathological jealousy; usually there is a reason.