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Wednesday Writing Prompt for January 13, 2016

My Introductory post .

The prompt for today is: non-standard calendars

This is what I wrote:

Does the week start on Sunday, or Monday? I ask this because for the last few years I’ve gotten into the habit of writing down how many words I write each day in a pocket calendar. I usually pick a two-year one up a dollar store. I also usually ask my mom for a regular calendar for Christmas (I just ask for things I need, like socks, or a calendar.) But last year I wasn’t sure when I’d get to the dollar store so I asked for a pocket calendar along with a regular one. So January starts and I go to write in the words I wrote on January 1, and I notice that something is off. The pocket calendar my mom picked up just has six columns. There’s Monday through Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday are smooshed together in one space. It’s weird because I’m so used to weeks starting on Sunday, and that’s how my other calendar is set up so when I look from one to the other there’s a split second where I wonder if I’m on the right month. Of course, come December 2017 I’ll probably be so used to it that going back to the “normal” way will throw me off.

So when do you prefer weeks to start?


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wolfgirl569 wrote on January 13, 2016, 5:26 PM

It dont really matter to me, I just like the weekends lol

missfortune wrote on January 13, 2016, 7:21 PM

My week starts on a Monday; I have one of the old school Day Runner portfolios and when I need a new calendar for it I get the one that has the blank boxes for the date. I don't mind filling it in myself and the extra spaces can be used for notes. I don't label the boxes for the month all at one time - I do it day by day so if there's a lot going on I can use two blocks instead of one. Sorry if that is a bit off topic - I have a tendency to just keep typing LOL