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One of my favourite pastimes is watching movies - preferably those in the thriller or adventurous genre. In a lot of the movies that I watch, there is always a scene that depicts the protagonist stealthily breaking into the antagonist’s secret base, and blowing it up. The protagonist then walks away with the explosion behind him, making it look all badass and stuff, while the people around him are running around screaming their heads off because they're terrified.

This is something that I don’t quite understand. Why would someone go through the trouble of sneaking into somewhere and blowing it up, just to make him/herself the most conspicuous person afterwards? In my opinion, the one I would suspect the most of the explosion would be the one walking leisurely away from the scene, without a care in the world - which is what 99% of the protagonists that I’ve seen do. But no.. The people chasing the character either don’t notice (typical), or don’t think anything of it (typical).

Movies can sometimes skip the logical train of thought, no?

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