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Computer 101: A - Z (Letter E)


Need an assistance, regarding PC parts and software, here's your number one stop in learning computer very easy and basic just like learning A B C.

Software Category
(Executable File)

An Executable File (Exe for short) is a program develop by windows to open certain programs in the pc, also a type of computer file program which is used to run complicated programs in Personal Computer. Exe can be find anywhere on windows, and can be used to launch a software, exe means to launch. important programs are also named .exe on their end, example: "games.exe"

Software Category
Is a common hardware use by every computer as a type of connection. Commonly used at LAN (Local Area Network) or Public Network. Can also be used to connect computer to computer , or computer to modem, or modem to router to computer and other computers connections. It's jack input and output is much wider than the traditional phone jack.

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