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Copic V17 Amethyst: Perfectly Purple

I love Copic markers; even though they are expensive I love the fact that they can be refilled with ink and the tips can be replaced. Amethyst is a smooth purple shade that looks great on light colored paper as well as white and off white paper.

This is sold in the Sketch, Wide and Ciao formats; not a lot of colors are sold in the Wide format so that's usually a good indication that it is a strong seller in the other formats. Amethyst is easy to blend regardless of whether or not you have the colorless blender (sold separately). This can be blended or used in a layered format; it isn't something that is bullish so you don't have to worry about it being too strong for a scene or piece of artwork.

The ink used in the markers and the refills is non-toxic so it is something safe for kids and tweens to use but the cost per marker (four to nine dollars) might make you think twice about letting kids doodle with these. You can buy this individually or packaged in several sets but if you prefer to shop online you will get the best price.

Image Credit » by GunnarGrey

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