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What's Your Graduation Success Story?

I have just recently graduated college (which explains why I have been MIA from this site for a couple months) but, while glad to finally be done with school forever, I am very worried about life. All our lives we are taught what to do next: school, get part time job, more school, etc. But no one tells you what to do after you graduate. That's all up to you, and the fact that the world is now an open oyster worries me! What do I do next? Where is the guidance for the next part of my life? How do I get started in the career of my choosing (working for a sitcom or news or late night show or the travel channel)?

So that leads me to the question: what is your graduate (high school and/or college) success story? Perhaps if I hear from others how they were able to work through it perhaps it can help ease my fear and anxiety and figure out a path for myself.

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FourWalls wrote on December 31, 2015, 1:33 PM

I started at a community college, taking the "necessary" courses, while I evaluated how to pursue what I wanted to do (write about country music). I went to Nashville and talked to people who did what I wanted to do, and that led me to choose my major. When I did my internship I decided the best place to do it was Nashville, with one of the people who'd help direct me. Even though it was 170 miles away I drove down four times a year to do my internship. The connections I made have served me very well.

If you've already graduated, I suppose it's too late to go about it that way.

MegL wrote on December 31, 2015, 4:55 PM

I went to University many years ago because my parents pushed me into it. I reckoned I would find out what I wanted to do but never did and took an office job until I found out. I never left that office job until I retired. After I retired, I realised i wanted to work with computers and do research. I have almost completed my Ph.D, studies at University and am working towards building up an Internet marketing business.

SyddyHud wrote on December 31, 2015, 6:53 PM

Yeah I wanted to do internships for my major but couldn't find any that were in the area where I held a retail job and I didn't want to lose the retail job because then I would have to start over pay-wise again and I didn't want to lose that extra bonus I had for working there for so long. Plus it's my backup plan until I get a job in my career so I really didn't want to lose it but unfortunately it kept me from gaining experience that would help my resume in the career I want. I have been searching for internships for graduates, and there's a couple, but again would take away from working my current job which I had just been promoted since I can now work full time.

Kasman wrote on January 1, 2016, 3:18 PM

Can't help you here - I haven't graduated from anything except maybe the University of Life!