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What is the Holocene Extinction Event?

There have been 5 major extinction events throughout history, but we are living in the sixth one which is known as the Holocene Extinction Event , and it is pretty much entirely man made.

We are currelty loosing anywhere from 20,000 to 140,000 species per year, many of which are plants and insects that we have not even identified. Of course we are all very well aware when large species go extinct, such as the Dodo bird and Passenger Pigeon (which once out numbered humans until we started to kill them off).

Many other species are hanging by a thread, either already being extinct in the wild (living only in zoos) or close to that point. I used a picture of a tiger because currently there are more tigers in capitivity than there are in the wild and people have suggested tigers will be extinct in the wild before 2025.

Human overpopulation is driving many problems that are contributing to the Holocene Extinction event. We are clearing the rainforest and causing climate change. Will our species overpopulate itself so that we too are on the list of species lost due to our own success?

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