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The reasons for doing something or taking a certain action can be said to be your motivation. For some of us here, we are motivated by the income we make. For others it is the fact that others constantly read your post and like it. For others their desire to be heard and to share their opinion motivates them to do what they are doing.
When one is provided or given an encouragement one is motivated and wants to give off his or her best. Motivation either pushes or pulls you to do a task and do it well.In everything you do , motivation is important for it is the heart beat of wanting to succeed.

What motivates one person may not motivate another. This implies that each of us is unique and demands different form of motivation. A tap at the back or shoulder motivates a statement of appreciation or encouragement motivates, a financial reward motivates others whiles others are self motivated to go the extra mile to excel. The latter are hard to come by but at any point in time any of these things may motivate an individual depending on the circumstances prevailing.

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cruisincrazy wrote on June 13, 2014, 2:52 AM

Motivation is a good thing. Also, what does motivation have to do with this post being under the category of "Art"? Just curious.