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Labeling A Whole Group For The Actions Of Some Is Wrong

First they demonize a race or religion. Make them sub human and therefore evil. If they can accomplish that, they can do whatever they want to that particular group and it becomes acceptable. Black people were once seen as sub human. They weren't even given the rights many of us take for granted.

Look at any war and you'll find the same sort of thing. The Japanese were painted as evil and untrustworthy. America rounded them up and put them in internment camps like some presidential candidates propose for Syrian refugees. Note, this isn't an article about whether we should accept them or not.

The point is labelling a group as all evil. The act of terrorism is barbaric. True, there are some who claim to be Muslims who commit these acts. There are some who now say that whole religion is evil. If they can paint that picture successfully, then they can do what they want to any Muslim and get away with it.

I'm sure a majority of Muslims denounce terrorism. Like most Jews, Christians or whatever faith, most Muslims simply want to live and be happy. Now, they get to hear how their religion is a religion of hate because their beliefs differ from those of other faiths. As long as any religion doesn't impose their beliefs on others, I don't care what they believe. Just do no harm.

We just had a gunman in Colorado attack an abortion clinic. There are those who profess to be Christians who would support the actions of those who would kill abortion doctors. Does that mean all Christians are evil and therefore part of a religion of hate? Of course not.

I am not a fan of the left vs right in politics as I see it as the problem, not the solution. However, many conservatives also claim to be Christians and are spouting off lately about how Muslims are part of a religion of hate. Yet, they are speechless in regards to what just happened in Colorado. Interesting how that works.

My point is we should not label any race or religion as evil simply because of the actions of some who claim to be a part of that group. This is a game of divide and conquer that is part of a bigger battle. If we don't move past that, I feel that the human race in general is doomed to destruction as has happened to us in the past.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 13, 2015, 11:55 PM

It is kind of like how it was in school. If one or two kids did wrong , the whole class was punished (even though the majority of the class did nothing wrong). They were punished for the bad action or actions of the few unruly students.

carolamfg wrote on December 14, 2015, 2:37 AM

People are angry when bad things happen and unfortunately, look for someone to blame. Instead of looking at people as individuals, they stereotype groups in a negative light.

MegL wrote on December 14, 2015, 5:33 PM

Yes, most people in the world want to live in peace and quiet and to be able to feed their families