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Is It Worth It to Buy Expensive Cat Food for My Cat?

I use to own my own pet supply store and had taken classes on pet nutrition as well as having done my own research on brands and ingredients. As such I feel I am fairly qualified to judge if a cat food is good or bad. I use to buy cheap cat food because I was unaware that they used cheap filler. Now I know better and always read the ingredient list if buying a new cat food (I usually stick to one cat food though).

I recently conducted a poll on how people decide what cat food to buy, and most of the people said " I buy the food my cat likes to eat ". Believe it or not but that is the wrong answer - after all, I like to eat donuts and french fries but I really should not eat either on a daily basis. The poll is still open and if you want to see the results or take the poll, click here .

Most pet owners shop for pet food by either buying a food that they are familiar with on a name basis, or whatever happens to be cheapest or on-sale that week.

Typically the lower priced foods are low quality, and more likely to cause health problems in cats over time. They are cheap because they use cheap ingredients, corn, wheat, by-products. Some are cheaper because they use even cheaper ingredients such as corn gluten meal and so forth.

On the flip side some expensive cat foods are not exactly priced according to quality. Some pet food companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating loyalty in veterinary students so that when the students graduate and become vets they will recommend that particular pet food brand, or will sell it themselves. Veterinarian students do not usually take a lot of courses in regards to pet food ingredients so they are unaware of the true low quality of the foods they end up promoting later.

If a cat appears to like a food it might be that the food has such poor nutrition that the cat has to eat and eat and eat to feel full or to satisfy its needs. Or it might use so much fat (to add flavor) that the cat simply becomes addicted to it. Indeed cats on poor quality food sometimes object to eating good food (with meat as a main ingredient) simply because they are addicted to the junk cat food!

In the end cheap pet foods are likely to cause more healthy problems in pets, most of which will not show up until later in life. Such as cancer and diabetes.

Not all expensive cat foods are worth the higher price , a concerned owner will become familiar with ingredients and read the list.

When a cat is fed a better quality cat food it actually eats less and typically can cost less in the long run so - yes, most of the time the expensive cat foods are worth it.

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How do you decide what food to buy your cat?

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