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How I Met My Wife

I had my share of searching online personal ads and feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere. I remembered replying to a young woman who I didn't hear from right away, so I thought maybe she moved on. Or maybe hearing back from her was yet to come. Sure enough, December 9, 2001, was the day I would meet the love of my life and marry her 9 years later. I got an instant message and was having some trouble remembering which ad it was that I replied to. Then it hit me. It was actually the night after her 21st birthday. So we began chatting online almost each night for nearly a month, having exchanged photos in the mail in the meantime, before we decided to meet in person. I remember saying, "Wow", when I saw her picture-she's just as beautiful on the outside as she is inside. The two of us lived no more than about 40 minutes from each other. I remember January 5, 2002, the day we were supposed to meet that she called to ask if we could meet for 4:30 instead of 4. Such a sweet voice. We met at a restaurant and had a nice relaxing dinner, followed by a movie, then bowling. I dropped her off that night. I was hoping things went well. I heard from her again and she really wanted to see me again. Something told me I was into something good. The next weekend we had dinner. I met her mom and she met my parents. I would later meet her dad. We continued seeing each other on the weekends, took our first vacation together that June. I was a junior in college and she just graduated from business school in the fall, having then obtained her first full-time job. Things were really looking up. We would talk on the phone almost every night. I took her places she's never been to and introduced her to new things. And vice versa. I just loved spending time with her and couldn't wait to see her and talk to her again. The weeks seemed so long until the weekends came by. Things continued like this for a little while. About three years after we were going out, she had moved closer. We were no more than 15 minutes away. She got a closer job. I gave her a pre-engagement ring in 2006. Right around her birthday two years later, I got down on one knee in the restaurant. I'm not sure anyone else really saw me. She was that excited she practically ripped the ring out of my hand. I probably would have too. We set the date for June 5, 2010. The 5th of each month was always special since it was the day of the month we first met in person. I would often give her a card each 5th day of the month. My brother was to be my best man, however, he died unexpectedly the Wednesday before Easter in 2009. I was still living at home at the time. I moved in with her at her apartment about 9 months later. I also transferred to a closer office with my job. We would often commute together (and still do) as her office is along the way. Before we knew it our big day was here. Wow, was that a great day, one of the best. My dad was my best man. Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly the following year. Following the wedding, we went on a week-long cruise starting the day after. A little over a year later, we moved to our first home, which we recently sold. We're renting a townhouse for now in the hopes of moving closer to our jobs. We hope to start a family one day in the near future. I'm probably missing a lot here, but I could honestly say that I've met the love of my life. We've been with each other through thick and thin. We're best friends. She does so much for me and I often wonder how she puts up with me. She's in my life for a reason. I thank God every day that I answered her message back on that evening in December 2001. It's actually 14 years ago today that we started talking online before meeting. Yesterday we celebrated her birthday. The alternative is just unthinkable as I'd probably still be searching for happiness had things turned out differently. I don't like to think that. I believe things happen for a reason. So here's my story of how my wife and I met.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 9, 2015, 10:02 PM

That is a very sweet and romantic story. Congratulations on your happy marriage.

CoralLevang wrote on December 9, 2015, 11:48 PM

This just made me smile so much. Did you meet on a dating website? I am glad it was a happy ending..

evad99 wrote on December 17, 2015, 8:58 PM

Thank you so much. emoticon :smile:

evad99 wrote on December 17, 2015, 9:02 PM

Thank you. emoticon :smile: Yes, we actually met on Yahoo! Personals.