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Here, finally, is the promised short story as a result of winning CoralLevang 's caption contest last month. Forgive me for the lack of paragraphs - I still haven't found a solution to the incompatibility between PP and the Apple iPad I use currently - or perhaps it's the browser's fault. Anyway... [UPDATE - editing on a reconditioned MacBook and it looks like formatting is now possible!]

Senderilla frowned and pouted. She had nothing to wear to the ball. And it was tonight. And all the shops had closed for the day.

She rummaged through her walk-in wardrobe. She'd worn the green gown last year. And that little black dress the year before. And the shocking pink off-the-shoulder number the year before that. The frilly yellow frock, she'd worn to a wedding a couple of months ago, so she couldn't wear that. The golden brown mini-skirt was so out of fashion now, she couldn't possibly wear that.

Outfit after outfit she tossed or pushed aside. "No... No... Ewwww, hideous... No... No... Why did I buy that thing? No..." And so it went on until she'd been through the entire wardrobe. She started crying.

Magically, Senderilla's fairy godfather arrived. Ok, so it wasn't really magic, just incredible timing. And her godfather wasn't really the wings-and-wand kind of fairy. He was more the sequins-and-leather-trousers kind.

"Sweetie, whatever is the matter?"

Senderilla explained her shameful predicament to Sebastian (for such was his name). Sebastian took one look at the pile of discarded dresses and quickly selected a white chiffon knee-length strapless wrap-around dress and a cerise bolero.

"No, I wore that in April to the races and that one to a charity do last month."

Sebastian just tutted and whisked the selected garments into the next room - the main bedroom, as it happened. There, he threw open a small closet, then pursed his lips. "I'll say it again, Dearie. That hubby of yours has absolutely NO fashion sense."

He prodded, poked and pinched various jackets and suits and jumpers, let out a dramatic sigh, rolled his eyes and was in the process of closing the closet door, when he suddenly glanced down at the floor of the closet and saw a large cardboard box. He fairly ripped the box from its resting place and threw it onto the bed. In the box were dozens, perhaps even more than a hundred, pingpong balls. White ones, pastel yellow ones, baby blue ones, pretty-in-pink ones, lime green ones, mauve ones, tangerine ones.

"Oh, my word!" From his jacket pocket, he produced a large needle and a reel of thread and he got immediately down to work. Within five minutes, there were rows upon rows of coloured balls neatly sewn onto Senderilla's white dress and bolero. Within half an hour, the job was complete. "Quickly, Child, put them on!"

Senderilla changed into the rejuvenated outfit and twirled in front of the full-length mirror.

"It took a lot of balls to make an outfit like that," Sebastian sighed.

"It takes a lot of balls to WEAR an outfit like this," Senderilla giggled.

"Now, Sweetie, let's accessorise! What shoes were you thinking of wearing? There are still a few balls left that we could stick on them..."

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luisga814 wrote on December 13, 2016, 7:33 AM

Although this article was posted more than a year ago but your last activity here based on your last login was less than half a year. I am wishing that more members here will be coming back and start writing again.