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Understanding each other ! (The end)

Women envied easy first love who you love.

Most of them are found ghanh hate wary and know if the existence of the girl. Of course, not everyone has that. My friends, even the good old how, how long, then finally he chooses to go fist to the end of your life remains. Too bad for you to keep forever live in the memories of others, and get ourselves to mourn ...

Or as someone wearing a suit also makes women like me uncomfortable. If it is, then I would happily run to start talking and joking as twin sisters immediately. Unfortunately, I did not have them ...

And much of the reason that I personally feel downright bullshit. For someone as beautiful, good stretch and many more satellites pursued, while also forcing many women nondominant eye. Each wears a beauty in its own interests, and a special knack. That girl can dance better than you, but not necessarily where you sing better. Even she can secretly jealous of your voice endowed it.

So, the girls game. Be open to that perceived problem for the most active stars. Only envy makes us live in miserable for no good reason at all, it can also lead to thoughts and negative actions. Watching a favorite movie or want to do things yourself will help you forget about the petty budding.

Do not always look at other people's successes and forget their dreams. Use it as motivation to work harder.

And because women were born is always worn disadvantages, so let's loss tolerance and mutual understanding.

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