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Your Utopia Could Be Another's Dystopia

Before we get to the body of this work I will say I orginally posted it on Bubblews August 30th 2013 (link at the end of the piece). Eventaully it will be a part of my not yet titled Visionary Absurdist Manifesto.

The title of this piece could be seen as a complete statement, and in fact is and should be understood at first glance, however I have to have more words to post it here. I guess I could just post it as a “tweet” or on my wall on Facebook. I would not get paid for doing either of those things and besides after I finish this bubble I can then post this message to those places as well. Yes it all seems to be that simple. It is not in fact that simple because if it were that simple to understand this statement then this world would be a far different place.

People might think that they understand the title statement of this piece and most likely do on a surface level. That is the problem with such statements and truths that people only try to understand them on a surface level. The deeper meanings of statements like the title of this piece are often lost on those who view them because of they blinded by the brightness of the surface. Below the surface of this statement lies a universal truth that people fear and wish was not a true.

I ask you to think about the way in which you live your life for a bit, to really examine your desires and beliefs. Think about what would make a perfect world for you. After you do this think about how your perfect world would impact others in your life. After that think about how your version of a perfect world would affect the rest of the world. Be honest about it all. You are not having to write out a thesis or share it with anyone else. You simply are doing an exercise to increase your awareness of this thing we call reality.

You thought I was going to explain my thoughts about, or the meaning of, the statement “Your Utopia Could Be Another's Dystopia”. That is something you have to figure out in yourself and keep to yourself. Because ultimately what you learn from such introspection is a private thing that will allow you to live in your utopia while letting others live in theirs.

Originally posted on Bubblews at this link
Photo Source :Kiviniemi_farm_1920s_Längelmäki.jpg The image is public domain.

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AliCanary wrote on January 23, 2016, 11:00 AM

My utopia would involve everyone being loving and kind to one another, which I hope would not be hard on anyone else, but who knows?